How I Lost 40 Pounds In 5 Months

Before I got pregnant with my daughter in 2015, I was a generally healthy person. I ate healthy foods, and at 18, I’d taken up running just for fun. I ran half-marathons, a full marathon, and even two half-Ironmans. Health and fitness were a daily part of my life.

Pregnancy changed everything. I stopped running; in fact, I stopped working out completely. I ate anything and everything I could get my hands on. Ultimately, I gained 50 pounds during my pregnancy.

In July 2015, my daughter was a month old and my husband and I were planning our first night out since her birth. I was excited to go clothes shopping and pick out a new outfit, until I got to the dressing room with my arms full of clothes in my pre-pregnancy size. They didn’t fit.

That was an eye-opener for me, and I knew something had to change. So I started following local trainers. I found OPEX Fitness and Henry Toraño. He made a huge difference for me.

Dr. Al-Sahli helped me come up with a healthy meal plan that included regular snacks to boost my metabolism. Diet changes alone led to a 12 pound weight loss.

Running, my go-to workout pre-pregnancy, is a total cardio workout, and it wasn’t enough anymore. Toraño helped me create a 45-60 minute workout that I did five days a week. It included cardio with weights and even some gymnastics.

Toraño stayed in touch with me each day. This motivated me and gave me someone to talk to about my goals and plans. It encouraged me. By the end of five months, I’d lost 40 pounds.

It hasn’t been easy. For a while, I had to take my daughter with me to the gym, and that meant a lot of interrupted workouts. The results, however, have been worth it. And now that my daughter is older and eating with the rest of us, I cook healthy meals for three. I know that my daughter is seeing the good example I set, and knows that investing in yourself is the most important thing you can do.