How Can Houston Vodka Get Ahead of the Competition?

Earlier this year, an announcement was made by entrepreneurs Omar Afra and Dutch Small. They plan to open a vodka distillery in Houston, Texas which could rival big names such as Smirnoff and Grey Goose. The pair are planning on using locally sourced ingredients in every town they open in, which will give a new and unique flavor to each bottle. They do seem to have a well thought out plan, but with such a saturated vodka industry, are they in over their heads? Houston vodka will have to take on big brands with a loyal customer following, each with their own special recipe. Below are just a few of Houston Vodka’s competition.

  1. Smirnoff. This vodka giant is the obvious choice for most, being the most popular vodka in America. It is, however, criticized for being marketed as an affordable option but being too expensive in the stores.
  2. Absolut Vodka. This is a very versatile vodka, with many different flavors such as mango and raspberry. This Swedish brand is a close second to Smirnoff in terms of sales, but could they be taken over by Houston Vodka?
  3. Belenkaya. The once popular brand has taken a loss in sales in recent years, but is still near the top in terms of popularity. Houston Vodka will have to work hard to not only get to the top, but to stay there.
  4. Svedka. Another brand with many flavors and colourful packaging, this could overshadow the likes of Houston vodka. With its ever changing array of flavors and proof, it is always finding a way to keep its customer interested, something Houston Vodka will also need to learn.
  5. Grey Goose. A favorite for parties, Grey Goose have risen in popularity recently. They currently sponsor a number of popular brands, and are showing high visibility in advertising. This is another factor which Houston Vodka will need to consider when going into such a competitive industry.
  6. SKYY Vodka. A slowly growing brand, SKYY have somehow managed to creep up in the market. They offer a variety of flavors and advertise well, but it is the way they stick to what they know and go with the classics which keeps them on trend. Houston Vodka will need to remember this when they branch out into other towns with other flavors.

Overall, Houston Vodka have a good chance of being successful as they offer something unique in terms of flavor. They will need to look at all of their competition, work out what makes them popular, and try to learn from their successes and mistakes. If they can do this, Houston Vodka will be bringing a new tasting experience to the market, which is sure to be well received.

A Quick Vodka Recipe to Relieve The Monday Stress

There are many ways to enjoy vodka mixed with some kinds of other liquor and made as cocktails. But the best ways to enjoy excellent drinks, like Houston vodka, will be by drinking straight, or without any mixed ingredients. So how to properly get the real taste of vodka? You wouldn’t want your next bottle of Houston vodka go into waste because of improper mixing, won’t you?

First, you must prepare a nice 2-3 oz., clear glass. Put it in the freezer for at least an hour. Then pour a nice generous shot of your frozen vodka. You should let the vodka to warm just very slightly by holding the glass in your hand. This way, you will take just a bit of the coldness of it. If the vodka is too cold, your taste buds will be frozen and you will not experience the true delicacy of this drink. The same goes as well as if it becomes too warm. The taste would be biased and you cannot differ with any other drinks

There are three senses you should use in order to taste the goodness: smell, sight and taste.

Smell. Smell the vodka as you briefly swirl it about in your glass. An excellent vodka will have a creamy, sweet or grainy odor. If it smells like medicinal or “aggressive,” with a strong odor of ethyl spirits, then it is a bad one.

Sight. The quality of a vodka could be seen from its clarity, texture and luminescence. A supreme vodka will have a thick and creamy texture when frozen; sometimes it will appear bluish or yellowish tint.

Taste. This is all that matters. A good vodka will taste so smooth unlike the other alcohol drinks, creamy not watery, smooth not rough. The taste would be a bit bitter or caustic, it should not burn your palate.

Sip it first, let the vodka rest on your palate while exhaling through your nose (to get a better sense of the aroma). Then swallow and pay good attention to the aftertaste.

Then , cleanse your mouth with lukewarm water, try to spend the rest of the shot you poured (or pour another shot) “straight down,” without resting it first on your palate this time. Compare the two experiences and the aftertaste.

Third, eat some food to accompany with the vodka, it would be good to have breads, potato dishes, salty dishes and fish. These food will help you to recover your sensations and impressions of the vodka.

finally , you are ready to have some good bottles of vodka. You should be able to truly differ the taste and enjoy the true delicacy of the drink now. Try to use each method to discover your taste in alcohol and don’t get addicted to it. Although some vodkas are produced in the same country, they could have pretty different taste depending on the ingredients and the techniques used in it. After all, you can really enjoy alcohol drinks, but still, make sure to drink responsibly and don’t put the others into disadvantage.

Taste The Rainbow and Vodka!

Vodka makes any party great. If you want a sweet party, however, you need to introduce Skittles vodka to the festivities. The process is simple and inexpensive.

First Step

Start with five 750 mL bottles of your favorite Texas vodka. The higher quality brands are preferable as the cheaper brands tend to make the end result taste like cough syrup.

Second Step

Choose five of your preferred flavors and separate them into 180 pieces of each flavor. Put each flavor into its own dish and set aside.

Third Step

Remove the labels from each bottle so that you can monitor the dissolving process. Pour out a little vodka from each, about 1/8 of the bottle.

Fourth Step

Add one flavor of Skittles per bottle. After all flavors are added, shake each bottle to kickstart the dissolving. It should start almost immediately. The dissolving process will take at least 24 hours.

Fifth Step

After the Skittles have completely dissolved, there will be a layer of residue that has accumulated. You will need to strain this using a colander lined with a coffee filter. It will take time so be patient.

Sixth Step

Drink and enjoy your creation. These unique flavored vodkas will be the hit of your party.