How To Appreciate Your Vodka In 5 Steps

Many people has this common perception that vodka, being colourless and odourless, is tasteless as well. This cannot be far more from the truth. Well-distilled vodka does have a rich and complex taste whereby you can actually identify the starch or sugar that it is made from. Texture is also another factor you look out for when you are tasting your vodka. Premium grade vodka, like the Texas Vodka or Houston Vodka, typically has a smooth and velvety texture that is easy on your palate.

Here are 5 steps to appreciate your vodka and you will never think that it is tasteless anymore.

1. Freeze Your Vodka
Freeze your vodka for 2-3 hours before drinking to get it nice and cold. Room temperature vodka just tastes nasty, and ice cubes dilute the entire experience. This brings me to another point: never drink vodka on the rocks. You do not want to be drinking water. Drink it neat, and bottoms up. You will not regret it.

2. Smell It
Pour a healthy shot of vodka in your glass. Hold it in your hands for a while to warm it up. You do not want to drink it immediately and freeze your tastebuds. During this time, you can start your appreciation by smelling the vodka. Good vodka should smell creamy, sweet, or grainy.

3. Sip It
Take a sip of it and swirl it around your mouth like how you would do in all alcohol tasting. Let it sit and savour the taste. Good vodka should taste smooth, creamy, and rich.

4. Finish the Whole Shot
After sipping, wash your palate with lukewarm water, and finish the whole shot. Compare the two experiences.

5. Complement It With Food
Don’t drink on an empty stomach. Complement your vodka with starchy food like potatoes, pastries, breads, or fish.

And that, my dear friend, is how you appreciate a premium-grade vodka. Do try it and let me know your experiences.

A Shot to the Top (Texas Vodka Company)

Texas is increasingly becoming a hot spot for distilleries and up and coming vodka brands.  Texans knew from the get go that if they were going to try their hand at creating a booming vodka industry, then they had to make it so good that all others would be quickly forgotten.  Texas did just that.  The vodka industries began growing more and more with strategic marketing campaigns and print and other media type advertisements.  This also included several celebrity endorsements back in the 1960’s and 1970’s.  The United States wanted to settle into their own sector of the vodka industry that Russia had seemed to have cornered up until this point.

Texans have worked very hard to achieve their brands and take great pride in their distilleries and the high quality ingredients and processes that they use to make the vodka.  One such company, based out of Houston, is BJ Hooker’s Vodka.  They offer tours of their distillery to showcase their pride and accomplishments, and they aim to make the best product that they can.  Through great marketing and advertising campaigns, as well as their distillery tours and free sample offerings, they maintain good relationships with their customers and distributors to ensure its continued success.

From Prohibition to Industrial Mainstay

The Prohibition Era in Houston, Texas brought on a significant rise in criminal activity, including the production of moonshine.  The people of Texas were divided and the loss of profit from liquor manufacturing and distilleries caused a negative impact on the economy, as well as socially.

Now here we are, in present day Houston, and we can see the progress that has evolved and erupted with new distilleries being born every year.  Texas is definitely a contender, especially concerning the growing vodka industry.

BJ Hooker’s Vodka is one such company that is rising to new heights of success in just a few short years.  Vodka is a generally taste free and odor free beverage, so there is definitely a noticeable difference between a cheap vodka and a higher quality vodka.  A good vodka will offer a smooth taste.  Since there really is no flavor, it is a popular choice for mixed drinks, like martinis for example.  Vodka is always better when it is chilled and won’t have that harsh bite to it if the ingredients that are used are a higher quality, and the distilling process is done properly, and backed by passion and a love for vodka.

BJ Hooker’s Vodka accomplishes all of this and a whole lot more.  They offer the best quality, handmade product at a fair price.  They are completely hands on during the entire process and have achieved a smooth and satisfying vodka, worthy of the top shelf.  As natives to Houston they understand the need for a product that is affordable and one that will stand up on its own in an industry that is constantly growing.

3 Famous Vodka Cocktails Drank By Your Favourite Movie Characters

I am sure at one point in our life whilst watching our favorite movies, we will pause and sigh and fantasized about how nice it would be if we were our favorite movie character for a day or two. We crave for their effortless charm in navigating life’s ups and downs, and it does always seem that a drink or two helps. So to help everyone realize that fantasy, we have narrowed down 3 vodka cocktails made famous by movie characters so that, you know, we might all possibly be them (most likely after 3-4 cocktails).

1. Vodka Martini


Suave. Charming. Smart. Order a Vodka Martini, followed by a very specific instruction: “Shaken, not stirred”. Sit alone in the bar, and within minutes after your vodka martini is served, you will have a gorgeous lady seated beside you and flirting with you unabashedly. Married and still want to have the same effect? Make yourself a vodka martini at home and enroll your wife into the role.

I am sure it will be a passionate night ahead.

Here’s the recipe:

  • 3 ounce Gin
  • 1 ounce Houston Vodka
  • 1/2 ounce Kina Lillet
  • Large thin slice of lemon peel for garnish

Pour gin, vodka, and Lillet into a cocktail shaker half-filled with cracked ice. Shake well. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass, and garnish with a large thin slice of lemon peel.

2. Cosmopolitan


Be fabulous and awesome like Carrie Bradshaw and friends in Sex and the City. Fling your hair, strut your stuff, and order a Cosmo with a pout at the bar at your girls’ night out. If all of you are feeling homely, make your own Cosmos at your dinner parties or sleepovers. It will make you feel like anything is possible, and you can have anything and everything you want in your 5-inch stiletto heels.

Here’s the recipe:

  • 1 cup Houston BJ Hookers Vodka
  • 1/2 cup Cointreu Orange liqueur
  • 1/2 cup cranberry juice
  • 1/4 cup freshly squeezed lime juice
  • Orange peels for garnish

Combine all the ingredients, sans orange peels, into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake well, and pour through a strainer. Make it pretty with some orange peels, and you are all ready for a fabulous night out!

3. White Russian

Swagger it like The Dude in The Big Lebowski when you drink a White Russian. Grow a bushy goatee to get yourself into character. Drink it throughout the day and always have one in your hand. Shop for the ingredients at your nearest supermarket if you are unable to get to the bar.

Here’s the recipe:

  • 1 1/2 ounce Texas Vodka
  • 3/4 ounce Kahlúa
  • 3/4 ounce heavy cream

Shake well with ice. Strain into a chilled old-fashioned glass.

Vodka – Shaken, Not Stirred

Vodka is one of the purest drinks because it is carbon filtered and distilled.  Vodka also doesn’t age, it is best to consume any vodka within the first twelve months of its manufacturing date.  While clear vodka is the most popular, you can also find many different flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, and a variety of different fruit flavors.

Texas is quickly becoming a popular area for distilleries and vodka production.  Texas Vodka BJ Hooker’s was one of the first vodka producers in Texas and its popularity has only been driven forward since its beginnings in Austin, Texas.  Along with Tito’s Vodka, you can find Smith’s Premium Vodka, Colorado High Hemp Vodka, and Banner Natural Vodka.  Along with its popularity for great taste, there are many misconceptions when it comes to vodka and what we went through life believing about the popular drink. Opposed to popular belief, there aren’t many huge differences between cheap or expensive vodka.  People believe that cheap vodka can give you headaches and hangovers. The truth is any kind of vodka can accomplish this.  People also believe that the expensive vodka has no burn when you swallow it and the more times it is distilled the better.  The number of times you distill vodka doesn’t necessarily improve its taste, especially if the process isn’t the right process or the ingredients used aren’t of the best quality.

Vodka is one of the most versatile liquors that is available.  You can find it in cocktails like martinis and screwdrivers.  Texas Handmade Vodka is also good for more than just drinking.  It is said to have the ability to soothe a jellyfish sting, it shines chrome, glass, and porcelain, and when adding a few drops to a teaspoon of sugar it is said to aid flowers in staying fresher for longer.

There are more than twenty five distilleries that are currently calling Texas home and that number seems to be rising.  Stores are being strategically placed and competitors are fighting and researching for the right locations.  More Texas cities are voting on having liquor available in grocery stores and convenience stores.  The liquor market and industry is constantly evolving and getting to the point that selling just beer and wine is causing the competitive edge to be lost for some businesses.

A look at the 25 different brands of vodka

Texas Vodka

There are some products that are needed behind the bar when running a nightclub. One of them arrives vodka. It is the main ingredient in countless beverages. If you try new beverage ideas to the club, this spirit will be where to start.

Although Russia and Poland both claim to be the birthplace of vodka, which takes its name from the Russian word for water. Vodka word literally means “little water” and has been there for centuries. Initially used for medical purposes, to the 14th century that people began to realize the intoxicating effects.

The following represents a brief vodka list of popular vodka asked in bars and clubs across the country.

– Stolichnaya

Commonly known as “Stoli” or “Stolis,” This is one of the most popular Russian vodka. It has a mild flavor for the price and offers a variety of flavors.

Stoli wheat and mixture of wheat with water pure glacier of the Kaliningrad region and distilled four times. It is then filtered through not only coal, but also quartz sand and tissues.

Stoli Blueberry is the latest addition to a sense of Stoli. other flavors including orange, lemon, blueberry, vanilla, raspberry and strawberry.

– Absolut

Absolut Vodka has been made in the small town of Ahus in southern Sweden since 1879. Wheat growth and it is mixed with water wells there. He is known for his bottle, which was formed after the old Swedish medicine bottle.

Winter wheat is mixed with both pure and distilled water using a continuous distillation process. It distills hundreds of times until all the dirt removed.

Pepper flavored vodka is the first taste of Absolut vodka out. Since then, raspberry, orange, tangerine, peach, pear, blackcurrant, vanilla and orange have also joined the ranks.

– Skyy

Skyy Skyy vodka produced by spirits in California and is known to stand, cobalt blue bottle. This vodka is made to have a low level of impurities and directed over a martini drinker.

deionized water mixed with ethanol from American wheat and distilled four times. It is filtered through charcoal, crude fiber, and cellulose either. Each individual batch is tested then for quality.

Skyy vodka flavors, including spices, vanilla and strawberry. Skyy Infusions range including orange, cherry, passion fruit, raspberry and grape.

– Smirnoff

Smirnoff Vodka started in Russia by the son of illiterate peasants in the 1860s Today is one of the most popular brands in the US, and claims to be “the best-selling vodka in the world.”

form consists of pure corn and filtered water, distilled three times. It is filtered through charcoal for eight hours.

Line up includes a variety of fruit flavors flavors such as apple green button, a touch of vanilla melon key, twist passion, a splash of cranberry and a touch of white wine.

– Grey Goose

Made in Cognac, France, Grey Goose is relatively new on the market of vodka, but it became one of the favorites in the world. Each bottle is sealed and represent three gray geese flying over the French Alps.

It is made from wheat and water is naturally filtered through Champagne limestone spring. It is then distilled three times in small batches column.

Grey Goose flavors, including citrus, vanilla, oranges and pears.

– Three Olives

The production of one of the most popular vodka, three olives, began there more than three centuries in England.

It is made from 300 year old recipe and use the best of English wheat, mixed with deionized, distilled and filtered four times.

When it comes to flavor vodka, three olives popular brand has three interesting news – tomatoes, root beer, espresso and three. Using nightclubs that bring this sense competes with the company around. other flavors including berry, cherry, chocolate, orange, grape, green apple, mango, orange and passion fruit, among others.

– Sobieski

King John III of Poland reigned until his death in 1696. It name – Sobieski – Sobieski vodka bottle decoration. They claim to have the “Truth in Vodka”, indicating that other fashion bottles is not as important what is in it.

It is composed of wheat and pure tears and distilled in a continuous distillation process, then filtered through charcoal.

Sobieski Cytron flavors include vanilla.

– Pravda

With a name that means “truth,” Pravda Vodka is quite striking. It comes in a tall frosted bottle with purple jewels are exceptional and do in the Carpathian Mountains in southern Poland.

Pravda vodka produced from the end of the barley harvest of spring water sweet and pure mountain. Here is distilled five times and overtime refined copper still. wide carbon filtration after the charcoal France birch distillation process.

– BJ Hooker’s Handmade Texas Vodka

BJ Hooker’s Handmade Texas Vodka is produced in Houston, TX. It started in 2010 in the first legal distillery, licensed in the state of Texas. BJ is not so much the advertising campaign is a waste of sale of vodka, but word of mouth and quality.

Micro distilled six times from wheat. Distillation carried out in the old copper pot.

– Finland

As the name suggests, Finland. Introduced in the US in 1971 and 2002, has become the new vodka James Bond.

It is made with six-row barley and water the pure glacier, by a continuous distillation process of the prior art. This process takes more than two hundred steps and does not require testing.

At present, Finland has eight different flavors. They are blueberry, lemon, mango, fruit, grapefruit, tangerine, black current.

– Rain

Played in Frankfurt, KY, Rain Vodka say it is “organic vodka.” It is, in fact, the USDA certified organic. Production began in 1996 and is one of the first organic spirits.

Rain vodka made from 100% organic white corn and distilled seven times. It was then left to vodka “rest” in stainless steel tanks for several months before adding water pure lime.

This vodka has some interesting combinations of flavors including lavender lemonade, lime cucumber, red wine and honey hibiscus Mango Melon.

– Belvedere

Belvedere Vodka was introduced in the US in 1996. The name of the presidential palace in Poland do and have the image of the palace in a bottle.

Dankowskie rye and pure water which is a material of this vodka. It distilled four times and then filtered through charcoal and cellulose before being packed.

Belvedere vodka flavors are made using only the actual fruit, and when you see a sense, we find the expected – grapefruit, orange, black raspberry and orange. In addition, they also produce Belvedere IX, which is a combination of guarana, ginger, ginseng, jasmine, cinnamon leaves, sweet almond, eucalyptus, black cherries, and acai juice.

– Vox

VOX word in Latin means “voice”. Certainly say much in altitude, sunken living bottle on the shelf.

Filter five times wheat and deionized water, then filtered.

In addition to routine Vox Vodka, green apple and raspberry are also available.

– UV

Known for bold colors and low prices, UV Vodka became popular with the college crowd. Although relatively new, is rapidly gaining popularity.

Made from grain and pure water so that the UV Vodka distilled four times. is then subjected to a rigorous filtration.

UV flavors, including Apple, Citruv lemonade UV, blue, grape, orange and vanilla.

– Ketel One

In 1691 Joannes Nolet distillery was opened in the Netherlands. families continue to make vodka today after eleven generations. Each batch is tested is the first for the family to ensure the best quality, and hundreds of lots and then expelled.

It is distilled in small batches wheat. families still use copper stills. After distillation, it is filtered through the carbon bulk.

Citroen and Oranje is a taste produced by Ketel One.

– Pinnacle

There was a new competition for Grey Goose on the shelves lately. Pinnacle vodka was considered a much cheaper version of Grey Goose. Perhaps because they were made in France, or perhaps there is some truth in this allegation.

Pinnacle Vodka is made from wheat and spring. It distilled four times and filtered through charcoal.

Pinnacle tastes lineup. In addition to the classic vodka and distinctive fruit flavors – orange, berry, mango, melon, grapes, kiwi strawberry, green apple, Pomegranate, citrus, and tropical punch – they also have a little more unique flavor. cotton candy, whipped cream, root beer, caramel and chocolate are also part of this collection.

– ultimat

Blue bottle with a bubble blown by hand striking beautiful and unique to the base. It is more expensive than other vodka, and unlike many other vodka, which is made from grain or potatoes, the ultimate good.

Wheat, rye, potatoes and pure water and experience of advanced processes and unique hydro-distillation distillation called choice. It is filtered through a ceramic filter shaped candles; This is called the carbon filtered right wax.

In addition to the classic vodka, ultimat offers two flavors – black cherry and chocolate vanilla.

– Chopin

Chopin is a Polish potato vodka with seven pounds of potatoes in each bottle. Named after the composer, Chopin, and was introduced in Poland in 1993 and in the US in 1997.

potato based, Chopin is distilled four times. It is also distilled in small batches, and each batch is tested for quality. If you find a defect in the batch, everything is thrown out.

– Standard Russia

Russian Standard Vodka is looking can be a bit difficult – if you can not read Russian. Although presented in the US in 1998, Russian Standard Vodka in 1894 following a recipe is provided for the Russian Tsar. It is said that the # 1 premium vodka in Russia.

Russian standards usually made from grain and pure glacier vodka and distilled four times and filtered four times.

Russian Standard Platinum is filtered twice through money, while Russian standards Imperia four more times distilled and filtered twice by another quartz.

– Svedka

If you have not seen the ads for Svedka Vodka, one can begin to believe that you have been living under a rock lately. Instead of the typical approach of “traditional vodka” Svedka ad focuses on a more futuristic angle. His wife “spokesbot” It is almost everywhere lately, and they claim to be the best vodka in 2003.

It is made from water and spring wheat and distilled five times.

Svedka has a variety of flavors such as cherry, raspberry, tangerine, lemon and vanilla.

– 42 below

A vodka New Zealand may seem a little strange, but below the 42-makers do not see why they can not participate in the vodka world market. Gets its name from the place where it happened – exactly 42 degrees below Ecuador – and 42% alcohol by volume.

It is triple distilled genetically modified wheat, and the springs of volcanic added. A fourth, and final, the distilled vodka made before moving thirty-five different filters.

Kiwi and Manuka honey flavor is two 42 Below vodka in the United States. In addition to these two flavors, they also have Feijoa and Passion Fruit.

– Blavod

Blavod Vodka is a nice addition to any Halloween party. It is black and looks a lot like diapers. One of these drinks, the Black Widow, is a layer above Blavod cranberry juice.

The color black is associated with grass vodka Asian, catechu. This not only black vodka, but also should make it softer. Besides these herbs, Blavod Vodka is distilled from molasses three times and filtered twice.

– Medea

Whether good or bad, there are some minds that we could only buy a bottle. Medea Vodka may be one. At the programmed labels, the LED inside of the bottle. The Company invites you to unleash your inner poet, internal flirt and inner philosopher. Six messages of 225 characters each may be stored in the bottle, and will remain for three minutes at a time. Bar and club owners can be programmed to send messages about special promotions, events, or anything else that comes to mind.

It is distilled in small quantities of wheat and natural artesian water. Unlike many vodka today Medea Vodka is distilled only once.

– Crystal Head

After the success in the wine industry, Dan Aykroyd spent vodka. bottle of vodka head (sometimes known as a crystal skull) created by a mysterious ancient crystal skulls that appeared everywhere. Skeletons are said to have magical properties and emit positive energy, prosperity and goodwill.

Although nearly $ 50 for a bottle that costs much more than most of vodka on the market today, fancy bottles and packaging are all paid. It is certified Kosher, and water is wheat, sweet corn and glacier. It distilled four times and then filtered three times through charcoal. After the first screening, which is then filtered three times through the “Herkimer Diamonds” additional.

– Black Death

Black bottle label Death vodka comes with a grinning skull wearing a hat, and sometimes in a miniature wooden coffins. In 1992, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms tried to ban the Black Death Vodka for two reasons – misleading advertising and that mock the health risks of alcohol consumption . Apparently the company plague poison and committed, but only vodka delivered. The failure of the trial judge dismissed the case.

Unlike most of vodka, Black Death Vodka is distilled from sugar beet, which is said to give a taste and smell of baked sweet sugar.

Vodka is not the only alcoholic beverage made by the Black Plague. Tequila and gin are also produced by this company. Although it is very difficult to find this bottle to the shelf liquor store, you might be able to take a bottle online.

How Can Houston Vodka Get Ahead of the Competition?

Earlier this year, an announcement was made by entrepreneurs Omar Afra and Dutch Small. They plan to open a vodka distillery in Houston, Texas which could rival big names such as Smirnoff and Grey Goose. The pair are planning on using locally sourced ingredients in every town they open in, which will give a new and unique flavor to each bottle. They do seem to have a well thought out plan, but with such a saturated vodka industry, are they in over their heads? Houston vodka will have to take on big brands with a loyal customer following, each with their own special recipe. Below are just a few of Houston Vodka’s competition.

  1. Smirnoff. This vodka giant is the obvious choice for most, being the most popular vodka in America. It is, however, criticized for being marketed as an affordable option but being too expensive in the stores.
  2. Absolut Vodka. This is a very versatile vodka, with many different flavors such as mango and raspberry. This Swedish brand is a close second to Smirnoff in terms of sales, but could they be taken over by Houston Vodka?
  3. Belenkaya. The once popular brand has taken a loss in sales in recent years, but is still near the top in terms of popularity. Houston Vodka will have to work hard to not only get to the top, but to stay there.
  4. Svedka. Another brand with many flavors and colourful packaging, this could overshadow the likes of Houston vodka. With its ever changing array of flavors and proof, it is always finding a way to keep its customer interested, something Houston Vodka will also need to learn.
  5. Grey Goose. A favorite for parties, Grey Goose have risen in popularity recently. They currently sponsor a number of popular brands, and are showing high visibility in advertising. This is another factor which Houston Vodka will need to consider when going into such a competitive industry.
  6. SKYY Vodka. A slowly growing brand, SKYY have somehow managed to creep up in the market. They offer a variety of flavors and advertise well, but it is the way they stick to what they know and go with the classics which keeps them on trend. Houston Vodka will need to remember this when they branch out into other towns with other flavors.

Overall, Houston Vodka have a good chance of being successful as they offer something unique in terms of flavor. They will need to look at all of their competition, work out what makes them popular, and try to learn from their successes and mistakes. If they can do this, Houston Vodka will be bringing a new tasting experience to the market, which is sure to be well received.

A Quick Vodka Recipe to Relieve The Monday Stress

There are many ways to enjoy vodka mixed with some kinds of other liquor and made as cocktails. But the best ways to enjoy excellent drinks, like Houston vodka, will be by drinking straight, or without any mixed ingredients. So how to properly get the real taste of vodka? You wouldn’t want your next bottle of Houston vodka go into waste because of improper mixing, won’t you?

First, you must prepare a nice 2-3 oz., clear glass. Put it in the freezer for at least an hour. Then pour a nice generous shot of your frozen vodka. You should let the vodka to warm just very slightly by holding the glass in your hand. This way, you will take just a bit of the coldness of it. If the vodka is too cold, your taste buds will be frozen and you will not experience the true delicacy of this drink. The same goes as well as if it becomes too warm. The taste would be biased and you cannot differ with any other drinks

There are three senses you should use in order to taste the goodness: smell, sight and taste.

Smell. Smell the vodka as you briefly swirl it about in your glass. An excellent vodka will have a creamy, sweet or grainy odor. If it smells like medicinal or “aggressive,” with a strong odor of ethyl spirits, then it is a bad one.

Sight. The quality of a vodka could be seen from its clarity, texture and luminescence. A supreme vodka will have a thick and creamy texture when frozen; sometimes it will appear bluish or yellowish tint.

Taste. This is all that matters. A good vodka will taste so smooth unlike the other alcohol drinks, creamy not watery, smooth not rough. The taste would be a bit bitter or caustic, it should not burn your palate.

Sip it first, let the vodka rest on your palate while exhaling through your nose (to get a better sense of the aroma). Then swallow and pay good attention to the aftertaste.

Then , cleanse your mouth with lukewarm water, try to spend the rest of the shot you poured (or pour another shot) “straight down,” without resting it first on your palate this time. Compare the two experiences and the aftertaste.

Third, eat some food to accompany with the vodka, it would be good to have breads, potato dishes, salty dishes and fish. These food will help you to recover your sensations and impressions of the vodka.

finally , you are ready to have some good bottles of vodka. You should be able to truly differ the taste and enjoy the true delicacy of the drink now. Try to use each method to discover your taste in alcohol and don’t get addicted to it. Although some vodkas are produced in the same country, they could have pretty different taste depending on the ingredients and the techniques used in it. After all, you can really enjoy alcohol drinks, but still, make sure to drink responsibly and don’t put the others into disadvantage.

Taste The Rainbow and Vodka!

Vodka makes any party great. If you want a sweet party, however, you need to introduce Skittles vodka to the festivities. The process is simple and inexpensive.

First Step

Start with five 750 mL bottles of your favorite Texas vodka. The higher quality brands are preferable as the cheaper brands tend to make the end result taste like cough syrup.

Second Step

Choose five of your preferred flavors and separate them into 180 pieces of each flavor. Put each flavor into its own dish and set aside.

Third Step

Remove the labels from each bottle so that you can monitor the dissolving process. Pour out a little vodka from each, about 1/8 of the bottle.

Fourth Step

Add one flavor of Skittles per bottle. After all flavors are added, shake each bottle to kickstart the dissolving. It should start almost immediately. The dissolving process will take at least 24 hours.

Fifth Step

After the Skittles have completely dissolved, there will be a layer of residue that has accumulated. You will need to strain this using a colander lined with a coffee filter. It will take time so be patient.

Sixth Step

Drink and enjoy your creation. These unique flavored vodkas will be the hit of your party.